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About us

About Us

Advanced Star Product is a range of electrical equipment for horticulture and a range of lighting for building professionals.

Advanced Star, an experienced team

Strong ten years of experience in the major market of electrical equipment horticultural William Combe and Victor Fouquet gathered around a simple idea: offer a "win - win", combining quality products and competitive rates.

To meet this challenge, they chose to develop their own products: Advanced-range Star Products.

Marketed by Square Trading, Advanced-Star products are now distributed by multiple partners in Europe.

Advanced Star, a manufacturer-oriented professionals To provide maximum care products they develop, the founders of the brand wanted to concentrate their range around some reference star light bulbs, fan clipfan, light rail and of course , the inevitable thermometer / hygrometer.
Products that win today, greater success with our partners are those who stand out for their excellent quality test results.

Building professionals and equipment suppliers horticulture, our company seeks an answer to all your lighting problems. Advanced Product Star, a dedicated range electrical equipment.

In order to offer the best balance between quality product and competitive prices, Advanced Star chose to focus on a selection of key products. The CFL "ECO-STAR", for example, provide a report PAR / Watt (PAR: photosynthesis absorbable by plants) 25% higher than competing products on the market.

This has been highlighted by a series of comparative tests, performed on different bulbs of the same class. Thanks to their reinforced aluminum wheels and innovative design, the rails "Starlight_V4.7", equipped with the lightmover, show the best value on the market. More resistant rails provide durability.

The fan clips clipfan 15cm 5W "Eco-Fan" is also appreciated for its innovations. In this model, a motor rotor magnetic replaces an engine-oil bath, which prevents evaporation in a hot and humid space. Equipped with a motor 5W DC5V, this product is energy efficient and offers also a longer lifespan.

The thermometer/hygrometer with a remote probe (distance: 1.50 m) temperature and humidity, is also one of our historical references.

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