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Clip Fan-Eco EF200DC
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Eco Fan EF150 DC
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Star Light V4.8
Extension kit Starlight V4.8
Thermo/Hygro Mini ES-THM001
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Eco Star Bloom 125W
Eco Star Grow 200W
Eco star Grow 125W
Eco Star Bloom 200W
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Eco Duct EG 100
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Pro Star Grow 65W
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Pro Star Grow 250W
Pro Star Grow 300W
Pro Star Bloom 125W
Pro Star Bloom 200W
Led Star Cob 6X200W
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Led Star Cob WL 4X200W
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Led Star Cob 16X200W
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Led Star Cob L 4X100W
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Led Star Cob 200W
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Led Star Horus 946W
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Led Star Spot Black 36W
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Led spot white
Led Star Spot Métal 54W
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Led SMD 12W
Led Star Holder
Led Star Bar 67W
Led Star Bar 90W
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Led Star Bar 50W
Led Star Big Bar 540W
Led Star Big Bar 720W
Box Fan EF 302 AS-BF
TCL 55W 9500°K
TCL 55W 2100°K
TCL 55W 6400°K
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Convertible Fan 3in1-55W
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Stand Fan (16
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Big Fan Black 85W
Wall Fan 50W
Eco Star Bloom 125W


Bloom 5U – 125w compact fluorescent bulbs

A real breakthrough in horticultural lighting, energy-efficient ECO STAR compact fluorescent 

bulbs offer amazing performance.
Unlike their mercury or high-pressure sodium competitors, ECO STAR compact fluorescent 
bulbs cover a spectrum equivalent to 100% of that of photosynthesis, i.e. the optimum 
radiation amount allowed by the plant. 
Providing the best PAR/watt ratio on the market, ECO STAR bulbs boost your plantings 
through the heat generated, without spoiling them. The CFL can be placed near the plant, 
without it burning. Thus, your plants benefit from optimum light efficiency. 
ECO FAN bulbs are economical and fitted with an integrated ballast, to be connected directly 
into the area – 125w for this model. Using this technology, tests show an energy saving of 
The CFL ECO STAR 125w (5U) bulb emits a warm light adapted to plant growth and fruiting: 
“Red 2700°K”.
The CFL ECO STAR 125w (5U) bulb gives off real power, not an indicative voltage. Thus, a 
125w bulb in 4U is not limited to 105w.
Eco Star Bloom 200W


Bloom  8U – 200w compact fluorescent bulbs


A compact fluorescent bulb for accelerated and efficient growth

A revolutionary product, the Eco Star Bloom Light 8U – 200w compact fluorescent bulb stands 
out with two main advantages. 
The first reason for choosing an Eco Star bulb: benefit from powerful lighting with maximum 
lighting efficiency. With 100% PAR, the Eco Star bulb offers your plants intense lighting, close to 
that of the sun, and which is fully absorbable moreover. 
Without any risk to your plants, the CFL can be placed in the immediate proximity of the flower 
without harming its development. At the same time, the red light given off by the Eco Star Grow 
Light compact fluorescent bulb encourages flowering.
In addition, the spectrum quality reproduced by this bulb, the Eco Star Grow Light compact 
fluorescent lamp provides economic lighting for your plants. Tests have shown there is an energy 
saving of at least 20%. 
Fitted with an integrated ballast, this compact fluorescent bulb offers 15,000 hours of use. 
The CFL ECO STAR 200w (8U) bulb emits a red light, conducive to plant growth and fruiting: 
“Red 2700°K”.
The CFL ECO STAR 200w (8U) bulb gives off real power, not only an indicative voltage. Thus, 
a 200W in 6U lamp is less efficient than a 200w in 8U bulb.
Eco star Grow 125W


Grow 5U – 125w compact fluorescent bulbs


Improve the growth of your plants with low-consumption compact fluorescent lamps

An innovation in the horticultural lighting sector, ECO STAR GROWTH 125w 6400°K bulbs are the 
solution to accelerate the growth of your plants, while increasing the energy savings. 
With 15,000 hours of efficient use and a 20% energy saving reported, ECO STAR GROWTH 
125w bulbs offer unparalleled cost-effectiveness. The advantages: an integrated ballast, which 
connects directly to the sector, and energy that transforms completely into light, unlike mercury 
or high-pressure sodium lamps.
Thus, not only does the plant benefit 100% from the light efficiency but the lamp can be 
brought as close as possible to plants for maximum absorption. With a PAR equivalent to 
100%, ECO STAR GROWTH 125w bulb maximise photosynthesis.
Giving off a cold, blue light ECO STAR GROWTH 125w bulbs actively contribute to the growth of 
plants. An effect whose efficiency is further increased by the spectrum of the bulb, capable of 
generating a light close to that of the sun.
Eco Star Grow 200W


Grow  8U – 200w compact fluorescent bulbs

CFL ECO STAR Fluorescent compact ECO Bulbs

Eco Star, the latest low-consumption growth bulbs 
The new energy-saving ECO STAR compact fluorescent lamps developed by Advanced Star 
are a considerable advance in horticultural lighting.
Unlike mercury or high-pressure sodium lamps, the spectrum of the ECO STAR Growth bulb 
corresponds to 100% of that of photosynthesis (100% PAR). With such performance, ECO 
STAR Growth 200w bulbs are thus ideal for growing plants!
Giving off a cold, blue light (“Blue 6400°K”), that encourages development, the ECO STAR 
Growth bulb can be placed at close proximity to the plant. Not only does the heat given off 
by the lamp not risk spoiling your plantings, the plant benefits from photosynthesis under 
good conditions. 
Integrating a ballast, this CFL ECO STAR compact fluorescent lamp connects directly to the 
sector to offer up to 15,000 hours of efficient lighting. All the electricity used is transformed 
into light and not just heat, as is the case with HPS and MH lighting.
Advanced Star preview