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Star Light V4.8


Star light rails V4.8 a motorised electrical rail

Maximise the lighting of your plants with the motorised Starlight V4.8 moving light rail, sold as a kit.

A piece of equipment designed for horticulture, the Starlight V4.8 system is a metallic 
moving light rail system. 
With its motorised system, light is spread evenly. Photosynthesis thus takes place in the best 
conditions for the optimal development of plants. 
Offering the best price-quality ratio on the market, the Starlight V4.8 metallic rail is set apart 
by its unequalled reliability. Solid, silent, accurate, the Starlight V4.8 rail is fitted with an 
electromagnetic (EM) steering system. Aluminium wheels that are more resistant, as well as 
a more elaborate design box have also been integrated into this new version. 
The Starlight V4.8 metallic rail can be adjusted as desired by combining several units. This 
layout allows a chain of several lamps to be created, controlled from one unit. 
An extension kit for the Starlight V4.8 metallic rail allows you to extend the light movements, 
maximise your cultivation areas and limit your electricity consumption.
Extension kit Starlight V4.8


Extension kit for Starlight V4.8


Using the Starlight extension kit, choose a Starlight metallic rail that suits you. Easy to assemble, the extension kit adapts to large floodlights


A Starlight extension kit, for the bigger picture!
Natural accompaniment to the Starlight V4.8 metallic rail, the extension kit is sold optionally.
The extension kit allows you to extend the length of the light movement to around 2.20m, 
by using the additional rail, which is easy to install. A second trolley, sold with the extension 
kit, gives you the possibility of also adding a second lamp. 
Combined with the Starlight V4.8 metallic rail, the extension kit is a simple solution to apply 
to make the most of a more impressive cultivation area, while making substantial energy 


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