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Clip Fan-Eco EF200DC
Clip Fan-Oscilliant EF201AC/EF202AC
Clip Fan-Eco EF150AC
Eco Fan EF150 DC
Clip Fan + Feet
Star Light V4.8
Extension kit Starlight V4.8
Thermo/Hygro Mini ES-THM001
Thermo/Hygro Class ES-THC001
Eco Star Bloom 125W
Eco Star Grow 200W
Eco star Grow 125W
Eco Star Bloom 200W
Eco Duct EG 125
Eco Duct EG 100
Eco Duct EG 150
Pro Star Grow 65W
Pro Star Bloom 300W
Pro Star Bloom 250W
Pro Star Dual Spectrum 250W
Pro Star Dual Spectrum 300W
Pro Star Grow 125W
Pro Star Grow 200W
Pro Star Grow 250W
Pro Star Grow 300W
Pro Star Bloom 125W
Pro Star Bloom 200W
Led Star Cob 6X200W
Led Star Cob 9X100W
Led Star Cob WL 4X200W
Led Star Cob 9X200W
Led Star Cob 16X100W
Led Star Cob 16X200W
Led Star Cob 6X100W
Led Star Cob L 4X100W
Led Star Cob 4X100W
Led Star Cob 4X200W
Led Star Cob 2X200W
Led Star Cob 2X100W
Led Star Cob 6X200W
Led Star Cob 200W
Led Star Cob 100W
Led Star Horus 946W
Led Star Horus 646W
Led Star Horus 336W
Led Star Spot Black 36W
Led Star Spot Black 50W
Led Star Spot Black 100W
Led spot white
Led spot white
Led Star Spot Métal 54W
Led Star Spot Métal 45W
Led Star SMD 40W
Led Star SMD 18W
Led Star SMD 72W
Led Star SMD 36W
Led SMD 12W
Led Star Holder
Led Star Bar 67W
Led Star Bar 90W
Led Star Bar 33W
Led Star Bar 50W
Led Star Big Bar 540W
Led Star Big Bar 720W
Box Fan EF 302 AS-BF
TCL 55W 9500°K
TCL 55W 2100°K
TCL 55W 6400°K
PH meter
EC meter
Convertible Fan 3in1-55W
Floor Fan Metal 55W
Floor Fan Metal 100W
Stand Fan (16
Floor Fan plastic 30W
Big Fan Black 85W
Wall Fan 50W
Clip Fan + Feet


“Table-Fan” 15W (6")

Eco Fan EF150 DC


ClipFan “Eco-Fan” 4W

Innovative, Eco Fan Advanced Star clip fans are among the most reliable and cheapest products 
on the market.  
The most reliable and most economic clip fan on the market!
An innovative design, the Eco Fan clip fan has new “direct magnetic drive” technology. 
Whereas traditional clip fans use lubricant to facilitate the rotation of the motor, the Eco Fan 
clip, equipped with the magnetic drive system, relies on magnetic rotation. 
Thus, you no longer need to use lubricant and can prevent the evaporation of oil, which is 
harmful to your plants and is caused by high humidity or temperatures that are too high. The risk 
of the Eco Fan clip fan breaking down will also be considerably reduced. 
The Eco Fan is an inexpensive purchase both with respect to price and use, as its electricity 
consumption is 3 times less than classic clip fans (4W as compared to 15W).
Clip Fan-Eco EF150AC


“Eco-Fan” 13W

The EF150AC clip fan is a standard clip fan (AC).

Its small 6" size provides a real advantage, allowing it to be clipped on easily in every corner of your growing space.

It is very easy to set up, and its two speeds provide more powerful ventilation adapted to meet your needs.

An essential tool for your growing space

Clip Fan-Oscilliant EF201AC/EF202AC



The EF201AC/EF202AC is the first in its generation, a 180° oscillating clip fan.

Its oscillating head and large 8" size allow you to ventilate your growing space more effectively in every direction.

Easy to clip on and reliable thanks to the broad clip, the EF201AC/EF202AC is a genuine innovation for beginners and experienced users alike.

Clip Fan-Eco EF200DC


"Eco-Fan" 8W

The largest, most economical clip fan on the market!

The innovative Eco-Fan clip fan uses the new “direct magnetic drive” technology.

Where classic clip fans use a lubricant to facilitate motor rotation, the Eco-Fan clip fan model is based on magnetic rotation using the magnetic drive system.

With this new rotation system, the lifespan of your fan is optimised and the risk of malfunctions due to the oil evaporating in hot, humid conditions is limited.

Advanced Star preview